Your office copier is an expensive piece of equipment that requires a certain level of care in order to function at peak performance. Keeping your copier in tip top shape is fairly straightforward, and you can implement some simple cleaning procedures and ground rules for your employees to keep the copier in the best shape possible.

Copier Placement

Before your copier even arrives, consider where it will go in your office. Newer copiers don’t require quite the large footprint that they once did, but they still require a good bit of space. When placing your copier, avoid temperature extremes. Keep it positioned away from:

  • Heaters or heating returns
  • Exterior walls that may be more prone to temperature fluctuations
  • High traffic areas

Copier Cleanup

Keeping your copier clean will drastically help to extend its life. There are some simple cleanup procedures that you can implement daily, weekly, and monthly to give your copier the royal treatment.

Pay particular attention to the following areas:

  • Glass – keep glass clean from smudges and debris by wiping it down with a cloth and copier-safe glass cleaner. Dip your cloth, rather than spraying cleaner directly onto the copier glass.
  • Internal components – regularly clear the print bay and cartridge area of dust and other accumulated debris with a fine tipped paintbrush. The small, precisely angled fine hairs of the paintbrush will help to capture small bits that a larger cloth might leave behind.
  • Ink nozzle – carefully clean the top of the ink nozzle with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to reduce ink buildup and prevent blockages.
  • Exterior – keep the outside of the copier – including the casing and interface screen/pad – clean, as well. Use a gentle sanitizing solution on the interface area to protect your staff from the spread of germs, and use simple cleaning solution and a cloth on the rest of the copier body.

Quality Matters

Using quality paper, ink and other copier components is important for extending the life of your copier. It may be tempting to buy cheaper materials in bulk to save a buck, but consider what that might do to your copier. Higher quality materials will leave behind less buildup with each successive use and will help your copier stay in good working condition.

Get Regular Maintenance

Lastly, investing in regular professional maintenance for your copier is crucial. There are some cleanup and fine tuning measures that you simply cannot – and should not – attempt without really understanding the ins and outs of your machine.