Maybe your home business is growing or your acceptance to grad school has prompted you to invest in the office equipment that you need to make your home setup top notch. Either way, one of your new gadgets is a copier or multifunction printer that will finally allow you to scan important documents for sharing online and make copies for showing at your next presentation.

Before you go pulling your new machine out of the box and give it a go, there are some simple, yet important steps to follow to ensure printing success. Here are the best practices for using a copier or multifunction printer for the first time.

1. Read the manual

While it may be tempting to toss the leaflet aside and get to the functionality, you really should take some time to learn all about your new copier to learn exactly how it works and how to accomplish what you want to with it. Read the instructions, tips, and any warnings before doing anything.

2. Turn on the machine

Once you’ve read your manual and set your copier up to the correct specifications, plug it in and turn it on. Give the copier a few moments to warm up before diving in to ensure that everything is ready to go.

3. Prepare your document

When the copier is ready, lift the lid and place your document face down on the glass surface. Close the lid and move to the selection panel to program your print or scan cycle for what you need. If you’re printing multiple pages, select the correlation option that you want and follow the given instructions for paper positioning to achieve the prints that you desire.

4. Scan, copy, print

After placing your document and selecting your printing options, it’s time to make your inaugural copy, scan, and/or print. Make sure that your paper is loaded correctly into the proper tray, engage the print cycle, and you’re ready to go.

By following some simple, straightforward steps, you will be a home printing, scanning, and copying pro in no time!