No matter the type or model of fax machine that you have or that you may work with, all fax machines are similar enough to have many of the same problems. Luckily most of these are easy to fix. With a few tips that you will learn here today, many of the issues that might have you calling for the repair man can be easily avoided. These tips can be a wallet-saver because technicians do not come cheap.

Not Picking Up

Is your fax machine receiving calls but not picking up? It is likely that the issue is as simple as the auto answer feature has been turned off on your fax machine. You can easily find both the location and how to turn this option on or off in your owner’s manual. Additionally, before you call a tech, if you do not have a manual, you can find most manuals with a simple internet search.

Messy Prints

Are the faxes that you are printing not coming out clean? Do they have lines or streaks? This is often caused by nothing more than a smudge or object on your machine’s glass scanner. To be sure of this, test it by making a copy and a journal on your fax. If the lines only occur when you print a journal then you know that he issue that you are having is with your slit glass. Instead of calling a technician, simply lift up the lid look around till you find the small inch square glass and remove any foreign objects from it.

Too Many Sheets

Is your fax machine constantly eating more than one sheet of paper at a time and causing errors or jams? This is known as multi-feeding. This is a simple repair that you can do yourself often. Look inside the fax machine, and locate the separation pad. This is what keeps the machine feeding only one page at a time to print. If it shows signs of being worn down, replace the pad or call a technician to do it for you. This will solve much of your office frustrations quickly from erroneous print after print jobs.

Sticky Roller

Lastly every now and then you can do this trick to extend to life of your rollers. The roller is the part that of the feeder system that grabs the paper and helps move it through the machine. Often it can get bits of ink or paper on it and this can shorten its life. To do this spray a cloth with a bit of WD-40 and lightly wipe the roller to remove any ink or foreign particles.

These tips will help keep your costs and frustrations down when you have to use your fax machine. If done regularly, they will even extend the life of the machine considerably.