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Sharp Copier Productivity Feature ‘Stamp’ To Add ‘Watermarks’

By | October 17th, 2017|Categories: Copier|Tags: , , |

Hi, this is Steve from Simple Office Solutions here in Santa Rosa, California, in Sonoma County. Today I would like to discuss a feature that the Sharp, Sharp copiers offer which is called stamp. Basically, allows you to add a date, page number or some text to a copy of a document that you've made. To [...]

These Tips Will Make You Want To Buy A Shredder

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Paper shredders are one of the most useful and necessary pieces of office equipment as it reduces paper clutter and offers security. Preserving privacy is key to running a good business, and paper shredders can help you do just that by safely disposing of credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, addresses, identities and more. Here are [...]