Operating your business at maximum efficiency is essential. In today’s office setting, many devices connect through a network that allows users to share files, software, and other resources easily. These networks are essential for smooth operations between the various devices, and, in order for businesses to continue operating seamlessly, the network must be free from problems. The inability to access the network poses a problem for businesses. However, many times networks have issues. Just what are the most common network issues for business offices and home offices? Below are four common complaints about network problems.

Slow internet

When the network is running slow, everyone is effected and left unhappy. One problem that may cause the internet to be slow is  the networks colliding excessively. This can occur if there is a faulty network configuration or network plan. Sometimes the speed will slow down when one user is consuming more bandwidth than the rest.

Cable issues

If any of the cable wires that connect the different parts of the network are not functioning properly, then problems with connectivity arise. Some causes for cable wire problems include:

  • Shorts in the cable
  • Improper connections
  • Connector problem

A cable tester is necessary to discover where the problem lies.

Dead drop

When this occurs, the device is hooked up to the proper cable, which is in turn connected to the wall jack, but there is no connection. This may happen in offices that have changed equipment around to different office rooms or when meeting rooms are being configured to allow network access. If the switch port is not tested prior to connecting this may be the problem.

No connection to the application server

This commonly occurs with certain applications such as email or customer relationship management (CRM) software. The message the user receives is that it simply cannot connect to the server. Users often assume the network is down at the moment, but this is usually not the case. The problem is likely one of two things: either there is a routing issue or the server is busy at the time the user is attempting the access.

Whenever network problems arise, it is a cause for concern. Without a smooth network operation, productivity slows down. As a result, the business loses revenue. Simple Office Solutions provides a comprehensive solution for businesses that realize the importance of keeping the network at optimal operation. Connect with us today for more information about our services.