Hi, my name is Gerald. I work at Simple Office Solutions in Santa Rosa, California. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the differences between home office and regular office printers. Typically, you’re going to see some of these devices at a big-box store. And you’re going to think to yourself, “Wow. That’s a really good price.” The only advantage to an inkjet is the resolution. Other than that, you’re spending a lot of money on ink. They’re not that fast. And typically, these things wear out much faster than something that you would spend just a little bit more money on. This unit here uses toner. Toner usually costs about 10 times less than the supplies for an inkjet.

This is a black and white machine. It’s a multi-function unit, the same as this one here. Now, this one you could probably get away with running about two to four reams of paper a month before it’s going to really stress out. Of course if you need something that works a little bit faster and has a longer life-cycle, this one here will handle approximately 70 to 100 reams a month. The reason why is because it’s made with a lot better parts, and it’s designed to run at that level.

When you’re considering which unit is right for you, just remember how much you’re going to be printing on each one of these. That will help you determine on which unit is best for your home office. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down below.