Hi, my name is Gerald. I work here at Simple Office Solutions in Santa Rosa as a Service Manager.

If you notice that your copies are coming out a different color than what they used to be, chances are, you need to perform a color calibration. Color calibration is the machine’s way of resetting itself or kinda like rebooting your computer.

On this particular Sharp product, the settings are going to be inside the administrative or system settings. Simply just select Copy, Color Adjustment and Auto Calibration. Hit Execute. It’ll actually print out a sample of what the machine thinks the colors are. You lay that on the glass, hit Execute, and the machine will self-calibrate.

To do the same thing for printing, you’ll just back up and hit Print Settings. Go through the same thing that you did to calibrate the copy settings, and the machine should go back to its original color calibration. If after calibrating the machine, you’re still not satisfied with the copy quality, give one of your local Sharp dealers a call.

Thank you. If you have any questions, please do so below.