Hello, my name is Steve. I work for Simple Office Solutions here in Santa Rosa, California.

Today, we’re going to be looking for jams that may not be obvious to you, although the (copier) machine thinks there is a jam and it does show you on the screen where to look. When a jam does occur, you will see a display on your screen that tells you a misfeed has occurred, and if you press the information button you will get instructions on how to go look for where it thinks the jam is. In this case, it’s saying open the right side cover and remove the paper. Well, in this particular instance, there is no paper in these rollers or in the fuser although the machine thinks it’s in this area. Behind the bypass tray, a hidden door which is for the duplex unit may have the paper in it. As you can see there’s nothing here even though the machine thinks there might be.

Here’s our piece of paper down here below. Pull it out and now we’ve cleared our jams. The reason you need to go through every step that the screen shows you because jams are basically sensor based. Not necessarily looking for wrinkled paper but if the paper has to go through a path in a certain amount of time there’s a sensor that says, “Okay, once it’s past this point it needs to get to this next sensor within so many microseconds. If it does not, I have a jam.” Not necessarily crinkled paper, but possibly a roller malfunction and the paper just didn’t move. If you have any comments or questions please leave a comment below. Thank you.