Hi, this is Steve from Simple Office Solutions in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. Today I’d like to discuss taking a card shot on a Sharp copier, which is taking a picture of both sides of an ID without having to change the paper.

Have you ever noticed how people will put the card on the copier, take a copy, take the paper out, put it back in the tray and then copy the other side? We see this a lot in the medical businesses, and sometimes at car dealerships where they need to take a picture of someone’s license. There’s an option on the Sharp Copier, it’s called card shot, which allows you to take pictures of both sides and spit out one piece of paper.

To begin, we put the card on the Sharp copier, in the center of the display, face down. We touch the special modes button and go to “card shot”. We’ll say, “Okay.” We select that, and then we hit copy. The copier will scan the first side of the card and then say, “Okay, what do you want to do next?” We lift the lid, turn the card over. Press the start button again to read that side, and since we’re done, we touch the “read end” button. And then the copier will now print out a piece of paper… With both sides of the card, without having you each have to change the paper or put it back in.

If you have any questions, please respond below. Thank you.