Hello, this is Steve, from Simple Office Solutions here in Santa Rosa.

Today we’re going to talk about wiping off the data on your copier when you’re returning it to the leasing company.

Some copiers come with what’s known as a data security kit. This kit basically wipes out every job after you print and copy, so that it’s no longer on the hard drive. If you don’t have this kit, every job could, or not remain on the hard drive depending on the usage. So in order to remove this data, you need to log in as the administrator on your copier. Go to the settings page and down at the bottom you’ll see a security settings option. If you scroll down from below that, you’ll see an option that says “initialize private data and data machine”. Touch that. Hit ‘execute’, and all the data is wiped off the machine that has anything to do with your company or any jobs that you’ve copied or printed on this machine.

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