Hi, my name is Gerald, and I work at Simple Office Solutions in Santa Rosa, California as a Service Manager. Today, we’re going to talk about why you’re experiencing odd things with your multi-function printer or copier. Typically, it’s going to be caused by some sort of an electrical current change. Most of us just plug this directly into the wall. While that maybe a good option in some buildings, some people, take a look around in your office right now. Do you have one of these? Is this protecting your equipment? This is not a good choice.

The first level of protecting your equipment is to get a device that actually comes with a guarantee that it will actually repair or replace your device. Of course, you also want to get one that also cleans the electricity, and has some sort of level of protection that’s better than a strip plug. Out in the field, Sharp suggests that we use this particular device because of its many connections. Remember that anything going into your multi-function unit, coming back out needs to be protected. That includes your network, your telephone, and your main source of power. Of course, I always suggest that you have an uninterrupted power supply or UPS. This device will actually keep your device running, because it has several capacitors inside that will clean the electricity and provide a steady amount of power in case of a power failure or some sort of a current change. If you have any questions, please do so below. Thank you.