Printing, copying and scanning have come a long way. Industrial copiers in the workplace today are absolutely magnificent. The printing options that you have in your office are almost endless. You can just about bind a book on some of these machines. You can even email documents from copy machines. They are definitely necessary in any office, and oftentimes, in the home.

Printing and copying have definitely changed with technology, but what is the future of printing and copying as technology continues to advance? Many believe that we are consistently moving toward a paperless world. However, technology proves that it wants to work with paper and not against it.

Modern Technology in the Workplace

Most companies assign tablets to their employees. They are used for everything from recording minutes in meetings to supplying signatures to official documents. When photo copies were once always made for coworkers, now emails supply attachments.

Even with these useful technological advancements, the workplace is not paperless. In fact, it continues to thrive using paper. Oftentimes, people need more references than their dual computer screens can provide. Binders still hold helpful how-to manuals for software. Yes, you should supply every meeting attendee with an outlined agenda to ensure important information is highlighted and addressed.

Paperless, Not Paperless

We do not see the world becoming paperless anytime soon. Not only is paper still the preferred way to keep files, but it is proven that writing using pen and paper stimulates more creativity flow. That should be reason enough for companies considering going paperless to not completely let go. Considering it is not going anywhere anytime soon, what is in store for printing, copying and scanning?

Mobile Printing

While paper is not leaving the office anytime soon, technology shares its reign. Technology and hard copies can go hand in hand. Many printers now have the option to connect to mobile devices using bluetooth so you can print from any mobile device, including your cell phone.

Mobile printing is still fairly new, so it may not be available in your office, but it is safe to say that mobile printing using bluetooth is a piece of the future that we have the pleasure and convenience of experiencing today.

3D Printing

We watch movies in 3D, why shouldn’t we print in 3D? That is what the future of printing holds. Printer companies are now making models that print in 3D. Using a 3D printer will affect your charts, graphs, and other plans. If you have not experienced this yet, you will soon.

Simpler Printing, Copying and Scanning

As technology advances, so does its usability. It is easier than ever to use computers, printers and copiers. You can print and copy with the touch of one button. You can even email yourself and others copies from the same copy machine. With everything you can do now, we cannot wait to see what future copier models will do.