Operating an active business requires the necessary equipment. More than that, you need to ensure your equipment is operational and ready for business. When the computer or printer goes down, then it’s next to impossible to get the work done. If you only intermittently use your inkjet printer, the ink cartridges can dry up. What happens then? The danger of this problem and how you should handle it, depend on several factors.

Do Inkjet Cartridges Dry Out?

Inkjet printers shoot ink through tiny nozzles onto the paper. If you don’t use your printer for an extended period of time, it can dry out. Just how long that takes is debatable. However, any fluid will evaporate over time. That is the effect air has on liquid. So, this is something to consider if you don’t use your printer very often or have times when you are out of the office for extended periods.

What Can You Do About An InkJet Cartridge Drying Out?

While no one is sure how long it takes for an inkjet cartridge to start drying out, a low estimate is 3-4 weeks. To protect your printer so it’s ready when you need it, it is recommended that you print a page or so per week, even if it’s just a test print.

If you are going to be storing a printer for a while, you could take out the cartridges and put them in an airtight seal. Also, always make sure to keep your printer in a cooler room, aiming for 68-70 degree Fahrenheit. This will reduce the drying time.

What About Laser Printers?

Choosing a laser printer could be a better option for people who don’t put the average demand on their printer. Laser printers use heat technology to fuse the toner powder onto the paper, and their cartridges cannot dry up.

Document Outsourcing

You might also consider document outsourcing. If you aren’t sure that your demand really warrants the purchasing and maintaining of a printer, document outsourcing may be for you.

Talk to a computer and printer specialist to determine your best options.