Choosing the right kind of printer paper can be a subtle way to make your creation stand out. When looking at different kinds of paper, you want to think about what your final product is, who is going to see it, and what you want people to take away from your final product. Here are some general rules of thumb for selection the right printer paper based on your project.

How to Choose the Right Paper for Your Upcoming Printing Project

Everyday Paper

Whether you’re writing a paper for school, printing out a family calendar for the fridge or printing out coloring sheets, basic photocopy paper is a great option. It is sold everywhere and is fairly inexpensive. The price varies from brand and quantity. You can get cheaper paper for the simple everyday tasks, and keep some nicer brand reams hidden for the more important projects.

Special Occasion Invitations

If you’ve ever received a wedding invitation, you probably judged the paper without realizing it. An invitation to a casual kid’s birthday party doesn’t need to be printed on the best and thickest paper, but an elegant wedding invitation is going to want to carry some weight. Knowing what kind of tone and theme you want your event to have before printing will help to make sure your upscale events stay chic while you don’t overspend on your laid back BBQ invites or waste paper.


Choosing paper for banners depends on your needs. Most printers can print banners on paper, vinyl or mesh. For banners that are expected to be outside for long periods of time, mesh and vinyl are better options where weather might be a concern. Talk to your local printing company to get the best paper or other material for your needs.


Make your resume stand out by taking the time to choose quality paper. Subtle, small choices like opting for a paper that is 24 lb sheet instead of 20 lbs will add a little bit of difference. This difference will set you apart in a stack of photocopy paper, getting you noticed before they even meet you. And going into an interview already having made a good impression with your well-made resume will help you land that job.

Choosing the right kind of paper is important for what you’re project entails. Really think about the audience, the purpose, the tone and how long you need it to last before buying and printing. The right paper can leave a lasting impression on the viewer of your creation.