This is Steve with Simple Office Solutions in Santa Rosa, California in Sonoma County.

Today, I want to discuss how to archive documents using a feature called ‘multi-shot’ in their sharp copier. What this allows you to do is to put up to four documents on one page. In fact, you can even go up to eight. And if you want to use double sided you can have actually 16 pieces of paper copied onto one page.

So, let’s say we want to archive these four docs, these four pages onto one page. Let me show you on the copier. To start, we place out documents in the ADF document feeder. We go to the output section, where we can choose how what kind of output we’d like. In this case we’re going to choose multi-shot. As you can see we have up to eight-in-one. We’re going to do four-in-one. Select the four-and-one, select okay. OK. Hit copy. The machine will read our four pages. And, as you can see all four pages have now been copied to one. Using the double-sided feature, you can actually put eight on here to save even more space.

If you have any questions, please respond below. Thank you.