Routers are complicated pieces of technology for the everyday individual. With an office full of employees that have a varied range of expertise with electronics and devices, you need a router that is easy to use, as well as easy to access.

As you look for the best place to install a router in the office, here are some suggestions to help you along the way.

What You Need To Know About Optimal Wireless Router Placement


Keep as many objects away from the router as possible. You want to prevent anything from causing your router to send weak signals to your computer, phone, and other devices. Walls are the biggest culprits of creating barriers between a router and a computer, but furniture and cabinetry can also be common obstructions.

It is also important to not put your router near any reflective surfaces as well. Like light, Wi-Fi signals will tend to bounce off of metal objects, mirrors, and windows, which limits the strength as well as the range of the Wi-Fi signal.

You should also consider avoiding other electrical devices and equipment that could cause an interference. Not necessarily other computers and modems, but devices that use radio frequencies, such as cordless phones and microwaves. Devices with motors, electric fans, and fluorescent lights are also things in the office you want to avoid putting a router near.


If you are only intending to use the router for just one computer, install it as close to the computer as you can. This will ensure that you get the best connection possible with next to no interruptions occurring.

If you are going to use your router for a group of computers you will want to find a location in the middle of them all. This might be tricky if your workstations are already set up, but you can always make room. Place a router in a place that is openly exposed, without anything possibly getting in the way of its signals. Consider such places like a shelf with no sidings or atop a tall file cabinet. Do not place it in a corner of the room, so that you do not risk having a limited connection for the computers that are the furthest away.