You’ve heard your standard office efficiency tips, such as using mobile devices to share information, utilizing technology to conduct meetings rather than traveling to remote destinations and enabling time management tools to get employees to reach their best productivity levels. However, there are plenty of efficiency tips you’ve never thought of that can make your work space even more efficient than ever before.

Move Around

Movement is a great way to make your office more productive because regular exercise stimulates your brain. Plus, no one wants to sit at a desk for eight hours straight. Locate your photocopier in the furthest, most remote location possible so people walk a few hundred feet to pick up their copies. Of course, having a centrally located copier also lets people mingle who otherwise wouldn’t, and that promotes better office unity. Choose the right one for you based on what seems to most motivate your office team.

Two-Minute Drill

Do you have tasks that can be done in just two minutes? This exercise forces you to look at your daily tasks to optimize your time. Two-minute tasks include responding to emails, printing reports and organizing your desk. Completing two-minute tasks right away actually takes less time than it would if you have to stop what you’re doing and come back to these tasks later.


Digitize your workspace as much as possible and only print what you absolutely have to print. There has been talk of going paperless for decades, and our society is almost there. Save your documents in the cloud, use a password manager rather than writing passwords in a book, create a standardized digital filing system and put your calendar on your smartphone.

Reducing paper copies makes your office more efficient because only the most essential things, such as reports, publications, newsletters and official documents, go through the printing process. Reducing paper saves money on copy paper, toner, printing supplies, labels and physical photocopiers.

Optimize Your Printer

You can even enhance your printer to make your office more efficient. First, get rid of that old clunker that only produces 20 sheets per minute. The costs of laser printers have come down so much, you have no excuses for not investing in new machine. Assign one person in the office to oversee the printer so there’s only one person fixing it, solving problems, ordering new toner and calling in for maintenance. Spool documents so they come out of the printer without someone having to stand there with nothing to do but hit print, and prioritize tasks within your spooling process so your printer stays on task with print jobs from staff.

There’s one final tip to make your office run more efficiently. Let some efficiency experts help you! That’s where Simple Office Solutions comes into play to take care of the specific hardware, technology and computers that can simplify your office. Contact us today to see what we can do