Repair or replace? It’s the age-old dilemma that many businesses face when it comes to printers, copiers and other equipment like hard drives.

Printers, Copiers, and Hard drives, Repair or Replace?

The 50 Percent Rule

You may have heard about the 50 percent rule as a formula to use for making this decision. When you compare the repair cost to the replacement cost, if a repair can be done for less than 50 percent of the total cost of replacement, the rule says you should fix the copier or printer.

Other Costs

The rule is just a guideline, and there are many other things to consider, including:

  • Original purchase price of the broken copier or printer
  • Replacement value, using an equivalent if the original copier or printer is not available
  • Cost of a new copier or printer

Cost of Productivity Woes

Many businesses also forget to factor in the lost productivity that inevitably occurs when important office equipment is broken and out of commission. Today’s modern copiers do more than just copy—they print, scan and do so much more. That’s why these machines have become the hub of office productivity. At Simple Office Solutions (SOS), we understand the importance of having your copier up and running at all times.

Repair or Replace with Simple Office Solutions

If you’re questioning whether to repair or replace, schedule a service call with us. We ensure the fastest service available, and our factory-authorized service technicians will come out and troubleshoot the issue and give you an honest and reasonable assessment of the state of your copiers and printers.

Many times, the repair is a quick one-time fix. If you have copy exposure issues (copies are either too light or too dark), or voided areas appear in your copies, these problems are an easy one-time repair. We even fix the all-too-common paper jams. Many of our customers want the worry-free service that our extended care maintenance and repair plans offer, so we can definitely discuss those with you.

If we determine it is in your best interest to do a repair, we can quickly and easily get the part from our centrally located warehouse in Santa Rosa, CA. We keep it stocked with the common parts needed to get your copier repaired, and we can typically offer same-day service.  We provide straightforward onsite service with no travel or trip fees and no other hidden fees.

If you have to replace, we can sell you the printer or copier that best suits your business, and we even do trade-ins. Don’t fret over the repair or replace question any longer. To schedule service, call 707-527-5900 or schedule online. Either way, a technician is close at hand to get your copier working fast.

Whether your machine needs to be repaired or replaced, SOS has the experience and technology to repair your copier and other office equipment right the first time.