You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and buy a new copier for your business. There are probably many questions swimming around in your head about what to ask in order to choose the perfect equipment. It’s good to ask these questions to ensure you get the copier you need and know how to use it to maximize its life.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Copier

How Much Does the Copier Cost?

Cost is always a major consideration for any business. Consider the capabilities you need, discuss them with the person helping you choose your copier, and then look for a copier with those capabilities and balance the cost with that in mind. For example, if your office needs high volume copies for reports or mailings, you’ll need an advanced model. However, if your office is small with just a few people needing copies periodically, a basic copier will probably do a great job for you.

Does The Copier Come With A Warranty?

Copiers are expensive machines and therefore the manufacturer should offer a parts-and-labor warranty for a year, at a minimum. Additionally, a business can usually purchase an extended warranty to protect you when the manufacturer’s warranty runs out.

What About Technical Support?

Before you buy a copier, make sure that customer service is available in your area. Simple Office Solutions has trained technicians for nearly every copier manufacturer. We’ll come out for issues ranging from paper jams to toner changes to more complex situations.

Can I Connect the Copier to My Computer Network?

These days, it’s all about connectivity, and more and more customers want network connectivity to directly print from office computers to the copier, essentially using the copier as a printer. Many of our customers praise these copier features as a huge time savings bonus for their office.

What Kind of Copy Quantity Can I Expect?

All copier models have a design based on maximum copy output, so make sure you understand the volume of copies your office needs before you buy. Pushing your copier past its design capacity results in premature breakdown.

Can Copiers Make Color Copies?

We offer many copier models that make color copies. Since color copiers have four toner units rather than one, these copiers generally are more expensive. The copiers that generate high volume at high speed will cost even more. Toner can be a major cost, so definitely factor in the price of the toner into your decision.

How Fast Is The Copier?

Most copiers these days can churn out pages at tremendous speeds. The standard copiers all operate at sufficient speeds for the majority of customers. We rarely have to recommend a more expensive, very high speed option.

What Special Features Should I Expect In A Copier?

Many of our customers want time-saving features like folding and stapling, or duplex printing on both sides. These features can be more expensive, but may be very cost effective because they save so much time. Customers are also looking for copy sizes outside of the standard 8.5×11—such as legal size or even 11×17 copies.