You might think that traditional fax machines are gathering dust in offices around the nation, but think again. If you’re asking the question, “Why do people still fax?”, you’re not alone. After all, there are online fax programs and electronic document signing programs.

Why Do People Still Fax?

The main reason is that faxing is built into many business processes. The fax machines are there, and people definitely still use them for office communications every day.

Many offices use copiers and even printers that have built in fax capability. These are called multi-function peripheral (MFP) devices, and the built-in technology keeps faxing front and center in business operations.

It’s Traceable

Many business communications require traceable delivery, particularly for legal or legally-binding documents. A fax is traceable and has a delivery receipt. Sure you can use FedEx, but that is more costly and may be overkill for the traceability you need. With the fax right there in the office, it is a ready tool that many people use for traceable electronic delivery.

It’s Easy

Let’s face it, faxing is easy, and office workers are always looking for easier options. Sure, you can scan a document and then email it, or mail a document, but these options involve multiple steps and lots of time. With a fax, you can set it and go, and you’re done. Even with higher tech options available, people fax because it is just easier!

Fax machines make it really easy to get a hard copy delivered. That is still a big necessity in today’s business world. Sure, you can email it, but you still have to print it. Fax machines make this easy.

It’s Fast

When it comes to data transmission speeds, fax machines are really fast at delivering documents around the globe. You don’t have to wait for a hardcopy to be delivered via a courier service.

It’s Inexpensive

Fax machines are very inexpensive to purchase and to operate. Buying a printer, copier or scanner with a built in fax is a cost-effective option because it is typically a minimal price upgrade.

Faxes are easy to install. It just takes a phone line and an electrical outlet. Plug in, and you’re ready to start sending and receiving documents.

Don’t dismiss your fax machine just yet. It’s not yet joined the hall of fame of old technology. We think fax machines will be around for quite some time!