Hi, this is Steve from Simple Office Solutions here in Santa Rosa, CA.

Occasionally, we get a call for poor copy (print) quality from a customer, and when we get on site we find that they’re using heavy card stock and the machine isn’t really set up for it. Basically, the machine needs to know that heavy card stock is being used so they can alter the process of copying and infusing the ink in the paper due to the thickness of the paper. Also applies to labels. The fuser needs to be… The fuser temperature needs to be dropped a little so that the labels don’t melt.

When using card stock it’s best to use the bypass tray which is located on the side of the machine. Normal trays and basically the paper path from a normal tray has a lot of bends and turns, and card stock really won’t work from them. So once you have your card stock on your machine you need to tell the copier through the tray settings that you are using that type of paper.

If you are using Duplex with card stock and you do get jams, one solution is to basically just copy one side at a time. Flip the paper over and then copy the other side.

These are some suggestions on how to use card stock with your copier. The most important thing is that the copier knows that you’re using card stock in the bypass tray.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave them below. Thank you.