Hi. This is Steve from Simple Office Solutions here in Santa Rosa, CA.

Today, we’re going to discuss user accounting. User accounting, or also known as user control, allows you to control what users, whether they can do copy in color, or black and white, and how many copies they can make in a certain period of time. It also allows you to keep track of how many copies they’ve made if you want to do billing to certain departments of that nature. We use this a lot in real estate companies because they have people coming in and out and they want to keep control over the usage of the copier.

In order to set up user control, you need to be logged in as the admin on your copier. You go to the settings page, on the left hand side you’ll see a tab, a button for user control. You go down to the default settings, and you’ll see a option that allows you to enable user accounting and how you want them to be authenticated. Generally speaking, we generally use the user by login name and password as an authentication. So when you click ‘enable’, and you hit ‘submit’, basically, now you’ve turned the machine into a user accounting control machine.

The first step is to set up a page limit group list. So you go to the page limit group list setting, hit ‘add’, and then type in a name for your group. Let’s say we’re going to set up a black and white group only. Type in ‘black and white’ or some name, hit ‘okay’, and then we come down here to just… Basically, down here is where you limit the functions. We basically want to prohibit full color, two color, and single color. This allows them to, when they use the copier, they can only copy in black and white. You can also change it for printing, list prints, which are basically prints that are embedded in the machine, scanning, and scanning to hard drives. Each one of those has the ability to limit black and white or full color. Hit ‘submit’, that will add the group. And now, we can go into ‘add more groups’, if we need them. As you can see, black and white now shows up under group name.

The next step is to set up your users. If you go back to the user control button and scroll down, you’ll see a section for users to add. We’ll give it a username. We’ll give it my name, Steve. Okay. Then we’ll say ‘apply username to login name’, and then we’ll give it a password. In this case, we’ll just give it a nice easy 1234. Then you scroll down and we say which page limit group we want. I’m going to choose the ‘black and white’ to limit this user to only black and white copies. Hit ‘submit’, and this will save the user. When that user approaches the machine, they’ll see a screen that allows them to login. You can select from a list or you can actually type in the name, we’ll do the select. And there’s ‘Steve’. Say ‘okay’, and we’ll touch in the password, which using your drop down keyboard. Now we’re logged in. When you go to copy, you’ll notice that the gray, the color start is grayed out, you cannot use it. That’s how you set up a user to limit them to only copying in a black and white and not being able to use the color.

Thank you. If you have any comments, please respond below.