Hi, this is Steve from Simple Office Solutions here in Santa Rosa, California, in Sonoma County.

Today I would like to discuss a feature that the Sharp, Sharp copiers offer which is called stamp. Basically, allows you to add a date, page number or some text to a copy of a document that you’ve made. To perform this operation, basically you choose the stamp option in your output control. As you can see, you can add a date, page number or even a stamp. Which would be something like ‘confidential’, ‘priority’, ‘do not copy’. So, we’re going to use priority. It also gives you a choice of where you want to put it on the page. Select OK. And copy.

And as you can see that’s the word ‘priority’ to the copy. Now I can move it around on the page. This option also allows you to use watermarks which are not exactly covered text but actually show up in the background of the document.

If you have any questions, please respond below. Thank you.