The next time you’re doing some printing, you might want to rethink your font choice. Not all fonts are created equal. Certain fonts have a lower ink consumption rate than others, saving you money over time because you won’t be purchasing as many ink cartridges and reducing your impact on the environment by stretching out ink cartridge use.

These Fonts That Use Less Ink Save You Money and Help The Environment

So, how do you know which fonts use less ink? We’ve found five fonts worth your consideration. But first…

The Font To Avoid

Arial, the go-to font for many browsers, has a higher ink consumption rate than many other styles. While this font has become the industry standard and looks great on resumes, it’s costing you more money with every use.

The reason why Arial uses so much ink is because it prints large and deep. After several times through the printer, your cartridge levels are going to get low.

So, which fonts should you use?

Times New Roman

Times New Roman outperforms Arial, using 25% less ink. That’s a huge difference in the long run. It may not seem like much but believe us, it is. If you want to save yourself or your company money, consider switching to Times New Roman.

Not a fan of Times New Roman?

Ryman Eco

Based in the UK, Ryman Eco was created by Ryman Stationery and boasts using 33% less ink than the other guys. Utilizing hollow letters that don’t print nearly as deep as Arial, Ryman Eco will save you money while leaving you with a professional-looking page.


Calibri is another popular font guaranteed to use less ink while simultaneously outperforming Arial. Some have argued that the you sacrifice the sleek, polished look of Arial when going with Calibri but we’ll leave that up to you. It’s still a common font found on resumes.

Century Gothic

Century Gothic is another common font that looks professional and uses less ink than most other fonts because of its sleek, sans-serif style. The only real downside to Century Gothic is that it can take up too much width on a page, driving up paper consumption. You can avoid this by playing around the size and printing settings. 11 is a good font size for readability and printing width.


Ecofont is perhaps the most unique font on this list because of its functionality. It uses less ink by printing its letters with tiny holes that you’re not able to see unless you’re looking up close. It can be set to look identical to other fonts like Vera Sans and even Arial. It’s like a chameleon the way it can be made to look like other styles.

It can be installed for $19.95 and will save you more ink in the long run. Think of it as an investment in your business.


If you don’t do much printing then this might be a moot point. Continue using Arial or whichever font leaves you happiest. However, if you’re going through ink cartridges like hotcakes, you should consider another style – your wallet and the environment will thank you.