Photocopiers used to only do one thing, and that was make copies of photographs and documents. Today’s copiers, however, can do a multitude of different things thanks to technological breakthroughs. In a way, they are much like computers, able to perform tasks by making clicks or pushing buttons. Most photocopiers today can also serve as a printer.

Things You May Not Know That a Photocopier Could Do

Print with other types of paper.

Other than traditional letter paper, you can print using card paper, envelopes, and even newsprint. Your copier is capable of duplicating collateral such as brochures, annual reports, and business cards. If you need paper materials created, you don’t necessarily have to run to an office supply store to get what you need. Ink will easily print on what goes through the copier.

Save images to a computer.

Your photocopier may not also have printing, but most copiers today can scan images to a computer or storage device. If you want to show a picture to somebody with an email message, you can scan the picture with the copier, save it to your computer, and attach it in a message to your recipient. Depending on the copier that you buy, though, there are steps in the process that can be added or eliminated to make it more convenient to you, or lack thereof. When shopping for printers and copiers, examine how it is that an image can be sent via email, as some copiers allow you to email photos with no computer necessary.

Connect to a computer wirelessly.

Many copiers today connect to a computer in one of two or more ways. Copiers of the past would be connected to the computer through a cable. Today’s copiers not only can connect to computers by using USB cables, which are much faster, but they can also be connected wirelessly. Wireless printing is an easy way for you to copy to or print from any device in your home. If there’s a picture on your tablet and you want it printed from your copier, you can do that, and owe it to today’s bluetooth technology.