Document outsourcing was avoided by many companies for a long time, keeping their printing in house and on site. But that has become a thing of the past as companies have been increasingly outsourcing their documents to a specialized print provider.

Why Businesses Didn’t Outsource Before?

 There are several major reasons that kept most businesses from outsourcing their documents and printing service to outside printing providers. The first is that they believed that the cost of hiring someone else outside of their company to provide those services would be far too high. They believed that it would just be more cost-effective to perform the same duties in house, with their own team.

The other major reason was a matter of safety and security. This, which is perhaps the greater reason, was that companies didn’t want to transmit sensitive company or client data outside of their walls.

So what has changed about outsourcing that has made companies more likely to use document outsourcing?

Document Outsourcing is More Cost Effective

Document outsourcing in many cases is more cost effective than keeping your special printing needs in house. Businesses have found out that with the consistent growth of the outsourced printing industry, that they can save upwards of 20-30% annually on their printing and documentation needs.

If a certain company has large amounts of printing that they have been handling in house, they have found out that making bulk orders with document outsourcing company is a more prudent option that saves them both money and time. When a company makes an arrangement to outsource their printing, the printing enterprise company is the one that becomes responsible for the capital expenditures. Those expenditures including any hardware, software, and consumable products that are used in the process of fulfilling orders, as well as the cost of downtime.  These printing companies provide access to the best equipment without the client company having to own and maintain it themselves.

Outsourcing is a great way that companies can clear excessive printing and mailing work off of their plates so that they can focus on what they do best, which is providing a quality product or service for their customers.

 Document Outsourcing is Secure

Where the security of information was formerly a concern, it is no more. These outsourced printing companies now use secure cloud-computing platforms that gives all data a secure connection and ecosystem, that exists only between the two parties that are involved. Companies also benefit from automatically having their documents saved in this non-local, private space so the documents are not lost in the event of damage to the business’ location.

If you have had hesitations about document outsourcing in the past, hopefully this sheds better light on how the outsourcing process can save you time and money while avoiding tedious work.